Sailing Trip

A while back some old friends from my previous work invited me on a short sailing trip as I’d never been before. It was warm and sunny at the time so it seemed like a good idea and like a mad fool I said yes!

sailing boat yacht

The High Flight

So, last weekend I drove up to Wolverstone Marina, near Ipswich, on the Friday (enjoying the lovely Friday night traffic on the A12!). Unfortunately the weather was rainy and not very warm with Sunday looking especially grim with wind gusting force 7-8 (oh joy). I met up with my friends and boarded the boat for the first time and it turns out sailing boats are basically caravans on water whereas obviously I was expecting a Roman Abramovich style ‘yacht’ complete with jacuzzi 🙂

We had an evening meal at the Butt and Oyster, a nice local pub with some pretty decent food and then it was the first night on the boat. It probably wouldn’t have been to bad if the guy I was sharing with didn’t snore like an express train – still who needs sleep eh?

After a bacon roll breakfast we set off with the final destination being a little place called Titchmarsh Marina which involved sailing down the river Orwell and having a bit of a play out in the sea off Harwich and Felixstowe then winding our way down a little river called the Twizzle. After getting over the slightly nerve wracking experience of the boat tipping over at an alarming angle (I’m assured its perfectly normal) I actually rather enjoyed it all. The mad fools even let me steer the thing for a while, during which I managed to avoid hitting anything or losing anyone overboard, so I consider it a success 🙂

We stayed overnight at Titchmarsh and decided to head off a bit earlier as the weather was due to get worse earlier than expected. You’d never believe it as it was a beautiful sunny day but it was going to get a bit rough! We basically followed the same path back in reverse and has some more fun dodging container ships and the odd ferry before deciding it was time to head back to Wolverstone. We probably timed it just right as on the way back up the Orwell (which is pretty sheltered) the wind was already hitting 20 knots so I have a feeling it would have been a bit ‘exhilarating’ out in the open!

Overall I actually had more fun than I expected and only really felt a bit queasy at one point on the first day so that was a result. It was a bit tricky taking pictures whilst trying not to fall over the side so these are not perfect but not to bad for a first attempt 🙂


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