The path not yet taken

ian mears photography photographer concenptual fashion art lillesden school selene alexia

I’ve started playing with Photoshop a little (god, how much is there to learn?!) and I thought I’d try creating something a bit different compared to my normal stuff. Not sure how successful it is but here you go.

The idea is that it represents the fact that life is made up from a stream of fleeting experiences and every decision you take leads to another but with the consequence that an infinite number will now never happen (unless you believe in the multiple universe theory!).

The bubbles represent a life with scenes from the past, the ones with smoke are future events that have not yet been shaped, and the empty ones are the lost opportunities never taken .The model is reaching for her unknown future.

Model: Stacey

Dress: Joanne Fleming

Styling: Selene Alexia


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