Wildlife Fine Art Prints Now Available!

african elephant sunrise silhouette orange glow golden masai mara kenya fineart fine art print
African Elephant at Sunrise

At last, after no end of prevaricating, I’ve finally incorporated the ability to sell fine art prints on the blog. I’d been asked numerous times by people if I sell my pictures so I thought maybe its about time I did, being the new year and all that.

There is now a link at the top of the page (which obviously you should go check out) that takes you to a subsite where prints can be purchased and shipped direct to you. Or you can click here

I’ve only loaded up a few wildlife ones at the moment but over time more will be added, including other categories.

They are available in multiple sizes and formats including the new funky metallic style. If there is a size/format not available that you are desperate for then let me know and I can probably sort it out. You also have the option of selecting a B&W version as well, although this uses an automated conversion so ask if you want a specific B&W conversion.

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