Welcome to my website and nice of you to drop by šŸ˜Š

As you may have guessed I’m a photographer. I’ve dabbled in many different genres but wildlife has been the main one for the last few years and have been very lucky to be able to travel to some exotic locations, seeingĀ Ā amazing animals and sights on the way.

I’ve had a few images published in magazines and books, including National Geographic, plus a couple in exhibitions. I’ve even had an image exhibited by the fashion photographer Rankin at his London gallery, which was rather cool (as was the opening party…).

This website is in the process of a bit of a redesign so its a bit of a mess at the moment but hopefully it will come together soon

I’ve just started to actually use the blog part of the website now and am writing some equipment reviews mainly of products I’ve not seen many other reviews for.

Hope you find something of use on the site (at least, once it’s finished anyway).


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