Updating the Website

After leaving my website languishing unchanged for several years I’ve finally decided it’s time for a bit of a refresh! I’m now having to take a bit of a crash course in how to use WordPress again as it’s changed quite a bit over the years with a lot of new features like the block editor and portfolios.

I think I will start out using a pre built theme for now and play with that and then maybe try and create something using the block editor. I also want to have a play with the commerce side and see how that looks as well as I sell prints. I’m using a third party site for that at the moment but may shift over to integrating something into WordPress.

It’s a bit irritating that you can’t seem to create the site structure offline, test it all and then publish it, instead you end up with a bit of a mess as you transition things (and it looks like every time you publish something people get email notifications which is probably rather annoying for them…). Ah well, nothing’s perfect.






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